Harry Potter Set from Amazon

I recently built a Harry Potter set from Amazon. Like the DHGate building set, this one was also manufactured by a Chinese company, in this case, ENJBRICK.   However, this building block set was much smaller than the DHGate Grand Emporium set. Like the official Lego building sets, the Harry Potter set contained an instruction book and individually labeled bags.

Inside the Harry Potter set

Opening the Harry Potter Set from Amazon


The bags contained in the Harry Potter set

The three groupings of bags in the Harry Potter Set

Building the Harry Potter Set from Amazon

I found building this Amazon set to be fairly easy.  This set would be suitable for children as it only contains 727 bricks and the instructions were simple to follow. Additionally, I found the quality of the bricks in this building block set to be better than the bricks in the DHGate Grand Emporium-style set.  However, that might be due to the fact that the DHGate set was much more complicated and contained a huge number of bricks.

The Harry Potter set contained some very cute elements, but some of the elements were subpar.  For example, the Whomping Willow (with Mr. Weasley’s car) was laughable. However, with only 727 total building blocks, a quality tree was probably not in the cards.

Whomping Willow with car

The Harry Potter set’s version of the Whomping Willow with Mr. Weasley’s car


Similarly, I  do recognize how difficult it is to build a dragon out of building blocks.  This set’s version of a dragon is passable because you could tell the completed piece was a dragon and not a large bird.

Additionally, the set contains three dementors.  The dementors look cute and they can be positioned in various directions because they are attached to clear rods.

A dragon

The dragon and two dementors.


A view of a dementor

One of the dementors

The Completed Set

As I said, this was an easy build and I really like the end product. It is small – about 8″ x 6″-  and inexpensive.  I got it on sale during Black Friday for around $27.  I believe there was a 5% off coupon as well. A quick check of Amazon shows that it is now selling for around $40, but there is a 5% off coupon.

Completed build

The finished set

Final Thoughts

I liked this Harry Potter set and I would certainly consider buying similar sets from Amazon.  In addition to this set, ENJBRICK  sells a “UP” set (a house that is being lifted up by balloons, as was the case in the movie “UP”);  a bookshop; a hotel; a Harry Potter Diagon alley-type set; and many other sets.   So, if Lego building sets are too expensive, these knockoff sets from Amazon may be a viable option.


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