Lego Christmas Sets

Around Thanksgiving, I brought out my Christmas decorations, including my collection of Lego Christmas sets to adorn the mantel of my fireplace. I don’t have a lot of sets, but the centerpiece is definitely the Lego Creator Expert Gingerbread House, pictured below. I also have a Christmas carousel and a Christmas scene with a reindeer and elf. I also have – still boxed- the Lego Christmas Carol set, which is the featured image on this post.

Collection of Lego Christmas sets including Gingerbread House
Some of my Christmas Themed Lego pieces, including the detailed Gingerbread House.
Santa climbing up the roof of the Lego Gingerbread House
A close up of Santa on the Gingerbread House
Interior view of the Gingerbread House, upper level
Upstairs in the Gingerbread House. Notice the baby crib and the fancy toilet and tub?
The Lower Level of the Gingerbread House
Downstairs in the Gingerbread House. I love the picture over the fireplace, the stockings, and the multi-colored windows!

In case you don’t know, Lego often has freebies with purchases over a certain dollar amount. These freebies seem to be offered around the holidays. This year, I gifted myself the Lego Tree House Set – a kit from the Lego Ideas collection. I will write another post about Lego Ideas. In any case, with the Treehouse purchase, I received the freebie pictured below. It’s called Santa’s Front Yard and is a limited edition piece, as are all the freebies. It was an easy build, but I think it’s still adorable!

Lego set with reindeer and elf
A free Lego set I received with my purchase of the Lego Treehouse set
Another view. I like the fact that the set is small but has some cute details in the background, like the moon and stars.
Lego Christmas Carousel 2018
Lego Christmas Carousel 2018.
The Lego 2021 Freebie and the 2018 Christmas Carousel

A Word About 2022

As 2021 winds to a close, I want to inform my readers that I am scaling back my posts to once a month. I began a short-term contract that is time-intensive. I am hopeful that the money I make will finance my long-awaited trip to Portugal in the summer of 2022.


My passion is small-scale stuff, from Legos to small toys to miniatures to small home decor items. If you enjoy collecting and viewing miniatures and other little things, I hope this website will provide you with helpful information and useful links.

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