FAKE LEGO SETS #1: Politically Incorrect

Friends often send me texts with some crazy Lego pictures, which -although funny- are definitely fake Lego sets. I am a little appalled by the sets that I discuss below in this first post on fake Legos. What motivates these sets’ creators to take a fun building block and make it into something offensive? This is the world we live in now.

Incidentally, I pulled all these images from the internet and have tried to list the creator where I could. Oftentimes, the creator probably doesn’t want the publicity, so it’s difficult to “credit” the builder.

WARNING: If you are easily offended, skip this post. Future discussions on fake Lego sets will focus on benign Lego creations – primarily t.v. and movie-themed sets that -while not endorsed by Lego – are often clever and available for sale on Etsy. In fact, an Etsy seller created my Game of Throne Minifigure set (which I discuss in another post).

Politically Incorrect

Back in 2017, an Australian news outlet reported that there was a Chinese company that was producing fake Lego sets that had an ISIS theme.

Screenshot of a news article reporting ISIS themed Lego sets from China
The ‘Falcon Commandos’ fake Lego series pits counter-terror police against ISIS

Here’s a closer look-

This image is taken from another 2017 news article.

So, how do these companies get away with this. Well, in 2019, the police raided a Chinese company – Lepin- for selling fake Lego sets; however, these appear to be building block sets that copied legitimate Lego blueprints, and not the politically incorrect sets referred to in the 2017 news report. I have no idea if the Chinese company producing the terrorist sets has stopped.

The images below are not from that particular Chinese company but are the creations of individual users.


Lego showing isis beheading people
This is an ISIS-themed Lego set by “Builders of Tomorrow”

Note, I have no idea if “Builders of Tomorrow” is legit or not.


Here’s another controversial set.

A Taliban minifig set. I have no idea who made this set, but the picture was posted by a Twitter user @frieschfreesch on 3/4/2020.

January 6, 2021 insurrection set

Commemorating a sad chapter in U.S. history, here’s another fake set:

Fake Lego January 6 insurrection set
A Capitol Invasion fake Lego set. Notice the number of pieces is 10621.

I guess if you want to re-create the horror of the January 6, 2021 insurrection for some reason, the above set is for you. This fake Lego set picture was circulating on Twitter, but no creator was credited. The person who tweeted the picture is @Roshan_Rinaldi.


A Chinese company made this minifig Hitler set. The only redeeming quality is – if you are recreating WW II, the Hitler minifig might make sense. However, I’m not sure why anyone would want this set.

Chinese fake Lego set of Hitler
Maybe it could be used in a WWII Lego display?


There are several videos on YouTube discussing Fake Lego Sets. Here is one to get you started:


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