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About This Blog

This blog pays homage to small-scale things. Note, I use the term small-scale in the blog to cover several topics, from miniatures to toys to decor items. I think the term small-scale encompasses a lot more items versus the term miniatures. There are several sections in this blog: Fine Art Miniatures, which covers the work of specific artisans, like Robert Olszewski. Dollhouse Miniatures, including mass-made dollhouse furniture and furniture you can build from kits. Small-Scale Toys, primarily Lego sets for adults, but also other cute small toys. Miniature Craft Kits, which are smaller than the 1:12 size of dollhouse kits....

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How My Interest in Miniatures Began

I’m 60 years and my interest in miniatures and small-scale collectibles began over 50 years ago. I was around seven years old and we just moved to a rural area in Canada. Our house was a few miles from town and we only had one television station. The only shopping, restaurants, and movie theater were miles away.  When we were not in school, my four siblings and I had to find ways to entertain ourselves. I did not know it then, but boredom would lead me to my love of small things. My First Miniature Objects I recall it was...