Lego for Home Décor?

Coming Soon! Legos pretty enough to be home décor? In this post, I plan to review two Lego building series that, once built, are really home décor items. The two series I will discuss are Lego Architecture, (including Skyline) and Lego Botanical Collection. While these sets are somewhat similar to Lego Creator Expert vehicles, there is a difference. Unlike the Creator Expert vehicles, which you can display and/or “play” with, you cannot say the same with Lego Architecture and Lego Botanical sets. These sets are decorative. They are also geared to adults. However, be forewarned, you may have difficulty finding these sets, particularly The Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet.

Lego Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet
I just bought this Lego Flower Bouquet set. Although it was not available on the Lego website, I found it at Target. It cost $49.99.
Lego statue of liberty
Lego Architecture Statue of Liberty. I built this two years ago. While it was a difficult build, I love the result!


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