I am a fan of Lego Ideas sets (discussed in an earlier post), such as the new Lego Globe. I gifted myself the Globe for my birthday – partly as inspiration to take up traveling again in 2022. It also helps that I, as a Lego VIP member, had points to redeem, thus bringing the cost of the Lego Globe down by $20. The Globe sells for $199 on, when it is available. At the time I bought the set, Lego had a promotion and included a freebie.

The Freebie

Lego Vintage Taxi building set
When I bought the Lego Globe, Lego included this free Lego Vintage Taxi set.

I am a sucker for promotions and I tend to buy expensive Lego sets only if a freebie is offered. Oftentimes, these freebies are exclusives and I’ve seen the price of some of my previous freebies sell for huge markups online. When I bought the Lego Globe set, Lego threw in the Vintage Taxi set as a promo. I am not sure if I will build this set or sell it.

The Lego Globe Build

I began my build with the stand, as per the Lego Globe instruction book. Then work intervened and I set the build aside for a few weeks. When work finally ended, I began the globe, which is built in halves, as you can see below.

Here is the start of the build

At first, I enjoyed the build – it was cool seeing the different continents, although frankly, you need to suspend belief that these continents are geographically correct. Anyhow, the build soon became very boring and repetitive. By the time I finished the first half, I put the build to the side and worked on other hobbies.

Eventually, over a weekend, I decided to complete the build. Again, it was pretty boring with all the repetitive steps. Below is a view of the “guts” of the Globe..

The inside of the Lego Globe
Here are the “guts” of the Lego Globe. As complicated as it looks, it’s not.

The Lego Globe Continents

North American continent
This picture shows how the American continent looks on the Globe.
Asian continent
This is Asia
Africa and Europe
A blurry shot of Africa and Europe – you get the idea!

The Result

Despite the monotonous build, I do like the end product, which I have displayed on a small table in my living room.

Finished Lego Globe
The final product. It took me over a month to build, but purely due to boredom.

So, do I recommend the Lego Globe? Not really. I loved the idea, but half the fun of building Legos is the pleasure and anticipation of each part of the build. That is missing from this set. While Lego sets often have repetitive steps, I would say that over 50% of building this set was repetitious and monotonous. If that is your thing, great! Unfortunately, this was my least favorite build.


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