Lego Jazz Club

I completed the Lego Jazz Club about three months ago.  While not my favorite build, it had some cute elements and cool musician minifigures. The modular has a club, pizza parlor, a manager’s office, a tailor, and a dressing room.  There is even a greenhouse on the roof! The set has 2899 pieces, including some I have never seen.  However, I would have appreciated flesh-colored minis vs. the standard Lego yellow heads. I do like the exterior of this set, especially the cool multi-colored windows, and the signage. I apologize for the grainy photos. 

Lego Jazz Club sign

The Lego Jazz Club sign.


First Floor of the Lego Jazz Club

There are 8 minifigures in this set, including a drummer, bass player, singer, pizza chef, magician, pizza delivery man (with a scooter),  a tailor, and the club manager (with an office on the second floor).  I appreciate the variety of minifigures, especially compared to other Lego sets.

Lego Jazz club musicians

Here are two musician minifigures for the Jazz part of the build. There is also a singer. One criticism is the lack of space on the stage for all the artists to fit in.

Bass player

There is a bathroom on the first floor, connected to the club. Forgive the poor picture quality.



The Pizza Shop

1st floor overview

Overview of the first floor of the Lego Jazz Club. Notice the club on the left and the pizzeria on the right.


The Pizza chef

A closer look at the pizzeria

The Second Floor – The Manager’s Office and Tailor Shop

The Lego Jazz Club is not just a jazz and pizza joint.  On the second floor, there is an office for the manager and a tailor shop.

The Manager’s Office

The second floor manager's office

The second floor of the Lego Jazz Club houses the manager’s office. Notice the cool windows!


close up of the multi colored windows

Here’s a closer look at the multicolored windows

Overview of the Manager's office

Overview of the Manager’s office. There’s a gramophone in the corner.

The Tailor Shop

managers office 2nd floor

A closer look at the manager’s desk. Notice the telephone and lamp.


overview of tailor shop

The Tailor Shop section is on the second floor, above the Pizza shop.

close up of the tailor at work

Close-up of the tailor hard at work.


The Third Floor  and Roof- Dressing Room and Greenhouse

Overview of the third floor

Overview of the third floor. There is a dressing room on the left, over the Manager’s Office/Jazz Club. On the right is just a landing and a door leading to the rooftop greenhouse.


The dressing room vanity.

The dressing room make-up area. Notice the music stand on the left.


Exterior of third floor

The exterior of the third floor has balconies and flowers.


Greenhouse on roof of tailor shop/pizzeria

Greenhouse on the roof of tailor shop/pizzeria.

Squirrel on the roof

There’s a squirrel next on the roof above the Jazz Club

The Final Result

The completed build

The complete Jazz Club build


Close up of magician outside the Jazz Club

Close-up of magician outside the Jazz Club

View outside Pizzeria

View outside the pizzeria



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