Lego Builds and Farewell

I wrote this blog during the beginning of the pandemic to keep a log of my favorite minis and to keep me busy.  However,  one of the luxuries of being retired means I have the time to explore different things.  While miniatures will always fascinate me, I want to spend the next year traveling and making memories.  Time is finite, so I need to make good use of it. Thus this last blog post is a farewell of sorts and a short summary of some recent Lego builds I made over the past few months.

1.  Up-Scaled Lego Minifigure

I saw this oversized Lego minifigure at and had to buy it.  The “Up-Scaled Lego Minifigure” costs $49.99 and has some fun and different building techniques.  Although the age range for this set is 10+, I have to admit I really enjoyed this Lego build. The resultant minifig is poseable and stands at 10.5″ tall.

Up scaled Lego minifigure in a sitting position

The Up-Scaled Lego Minifigure is poseable. I have him sitting in this picture


Under the minifigure’s blue cap is the “control center.”  This center has various levers and a regular sized minifigure operator (the twin of the oversized build).


Under the cap of the Up Scaled Lego minifigure is a control center, including a minifigure operator

The “control center” of the Up-Scaled Lego Minifigure includes a twin minifigure operator.


2. Lego The Great Wave

I was on the fence about buying Lego’s Hokusai-The Great Wave.  It was the reviews for the product that sold me.  Happy to say, I am so glad I bought it- it ranks in my top 10 Lego builds.   It was an interesting and fun build, with so many details.  However, unlike the Lego Globe, this build was fun and not monotonous.  I finished this Lego build over three days because I wanted to extend the experience.  The end product was a lovely piece of art.  The Great Wave retails for $99.99.


Hokusai- The Great Wave Lego build

Hokusai- The Great Wave. I have it on an easel for now.


3.  Lego’s Tales of the Space Age

My last Lego build was Tales of the Space Age.  It sells for $49.99 and consists of four colorful art panels.  It’s a very simple build but I wanted it because I have several space-themed objects in my home (many from my sister, who used to work for NASA).  The panels are a very easy build (not sure why the set is rated 18+) and look very nice.  While I prefer The Great Wave, I still recommend Tales of Space if you are a astronomy fan.

Lego Tales of Space art panels

The Lego Tales of Space art panels are four panels depicting different scenes.

The four scenes from left to right are Cosmic Travelers, Blast Off to New Worlds, Intergalactic Road Trip, and Journey to the Unknown.

4. Final Thoughts

While I will leave my blog up until May 2024, I probably won’t be posting.   However, if I come across an unusual miniature or visit a miniature museum, I might write another post.

So farewell, dear readers. Thanks for indulging my passion for small-scale things.



My passion is small-scale stuff, from Legos to small toys to miniatures to small home decor items. If you enjoy collecting and viewing miniatures and other little things, I hope this website will provide you with helpful information and useful links.

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