While I – and many other adults – enjoy building Legos, I learned that many folks use Legos as an investment. A toy as an investment – what do I mean?

A few months ago, I read an article online about how certain Lego sets appreciate in value far more quickly than the stock market. To be honest, the market sucks right now – I’ve seen the value of my retirement accounts drop 18% this past year. However, certain Lego sets have soared in value. For example, I received as a freebie the 20th Anniversary Star Wars set called Battle of Hoth. While I like the Star Wars movies, I am not really into collecting Star Wars Lego sets. Recently, I checked the value of this set on eBay and discovered it is selling for $75 or more.

Below are some news articles and websites that discuss Legos as an investment.

Online Articles

A 12/10/2021 article from The Guardian discusses how investing in Legos may be more lucrative than investing in gold, art, and wine. It points out that the most expensive sets are: (Star Wars) -The Millennium Falcon, Death Star II, and Imperial Star Destroyer; and the Taj Mahal 10189.

Lego Taj Mahal box
This is Lego Taj Mahal set that is selling for over $1000.

The Guardian article discusses a study that examined the prices of 2,322 Lego sets from 1987 to 2015. Only sales of new, unopened sets were chosen and the study found that certain factors such as collector’s editions, limited-run items, etc., significantly boosted prices.

If you are interested in reading a few more articles, check these out:

The Hill

Wealth Simple



Lego investing requires some money upfront – we are not talking about $4 beanie babies. Most sets will run you over $70, with the best return on sets costing over $199.

HOWEVER – even though I don’t consider myself a Lego Investor, I have seen a healthy return on the freebies/promos that Lego offers when you buy a certain dollar amount. The 20th Anniversary Battle of Hoth is one example. Another is the Vintage Taxi, issued as a freebie in 2022 and currently selling on eBay for over $75. I also saw a healthy appreciation in the 2019 Chinese New Year Dinner set ( bought for $119, selling for around $500).

YouTube Videos on Legos as an Investment

Some folks prefer watching videos over reading. With that in mind,

check out these YouTube videos on Lego investing:

Three Tips for Lego Investing
Ten sets this YouTuber thinks you should invest in now


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