Functional Little Home Décor-Oct/Nov

I have two functional little home décor items to discuss in this post – a tealight holder and a hand figure. I’ve owned these two items for years. However, these pieces might give you some ideas…

Tealight Holder

Years ago, in the late 1990s, I invested in a now-defunct candle company (Affordable Luxuries). While there were issues with the company, some of the products were very nice, So nice that I bought some items just for me. Below is a tealight holder that the company offered. It is in the shape of a small birdhouse, complete with a little bird! It has a round built-in hanger, so you can tie a rope around it and display the birdhouse as you wish. I think it is a slightly festive piece and would look nice displayed during the holidays. Currently, I have it sitting in a display case, but I plan to hang it in front of a window in my living room. Note, I have always used it as a décor piece, and not to burn a candle. However, it is a little functional décor piece and sure looks better than a plain glass tealight holder!

tea light holder in the shape of a birdhouse
Tea light holder in the shape of a birdhouse.
Side view of birdhouse tealight holder
Side view. Notice the built-in hanger at the top.
back view of birdhouse tealight holder
Back view of tealight holder showing where the tea light candle would sit.

While this piece is no longer sold, it may inspire you to look on Etsy or other websites (such as Bed, Bath & Beyond) for cute tealight and candle holders. I noticed a number of “vintage” birdhouse tealight holders currently for sale on Etsy.

2. Wooden Artist Hand (Handskalad)

If you ever visited IKEA, you have probably seen this wooden hand figure – called Handskalad. You may have even wondered why anyone -outside an artist – would buy it. Well, I have peculiar tastes and was drawn to this hand figure, as well as the wooden man figure (also sold at IKEA and elsewhere). At first, the hand figure just sat on a shelf as a décor piece. However, over time I found that Handskalad is pretty functional.

Wooden artist hand
The wooden hand figure (Handskalad) I found at IKEA for around $10.00.
Hand displaying figure puppets
Handskalad displaying plastic monster finger puppets

Several years ago, I had ordered some gifts from a geeky website (ThinkGeek, which recently closed). In a fun marketing move, the company included some plastic monster figure puppets with each order. I decided to display them on the IKEA hand figure. However, I have since discovered other useful ways to use this little décor/artist piece- as an eyeglass holder, as a ring holder, and as a pen holder.

Hand holding eyeglasses
The hand can hold your eyeglasses. As you may have read in an earlier post, I’m always misplacing my readers. So, I have glasses scattered throughout my condo, including on my Handskalad.
Hand holding rings
Another use – the Handskalad as a ring holder!

The downside to the hand figure is that it is not very bendable. The base of the hand does not move into a horizontal position, so you can’t place anything on the palm. But, if your tastes are unconventional, it is a fun piece!


My passion is small-scale stuff, from Legos to small toys to miniatures to small home decor items. If you enjoy collecting and viewing miniatures and other little things, I hope this website will provide you with helpful information and useful links.

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