Small Home Décor

Each month or two, I will post reviews and pictures of 3-10 small home décor items. My intention is to divide the home décor category into two parts. In Part 1, I plan to list and review some cute products you can use to decorate your shelves, nooks, and crannies. These small items are purely decorative but add visual interest. There may be some overlap with items discussed under my Lego posts.

Vintage House of Faberge Flowers
Vintage House of Faberge Roses
The above two pictures are of the Vintage House of Faberge Imperial Glass Egg Enamel Purple Flowers and Red Flowers. I believe they were offered for sale by the Franklin Mint in the 1990s. These items are no longer produced. I bought them on last year.

In Part 2, I will review small home décor items that are also functional. To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, below are pictures of some little but useful products for your home.

Vintage Camper pencil holder
A vintage-looking camper that is also a pencil holder! It is the perfect gift for the campers in your life. I bought this from Perpetual Kid. It is sometimes available on Amazon and eBay.
airplant holder on books
An air plant holder in the shape of a little man holding a flower pot. I put some small cactuses in the holders. My sister gave me this little fellow. She said she ordered it from China. However, there are similar people-shaped and other air plant holders available on Amazon.


My passion is small-scale stuff, from Legos to small toys to miniatures to small home decor items. If you enjoy collecting and viewing miniatures and other little things, I hope this website will provide you with helpful information and useful links.

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