Functional Little Home Décor – July

Happy July! Here are three cute but functional items that can spruce up your home décor. All of these products are under $20.

1. A Small Planter that Holds Eyeglasses

I saw this Face Plant décor item on Amazon and thought it was a fun idea for a planter. Once I got it, I decided to use it as a storage container for my remote controls. I may put a plant in it down the road, but I think it’s fine to use as a décor storage place for stuff that always gets misplaced. Note, while it appears to be the size of a square box of tissues, the width of the planter is slightly smaller.

Face Plant box
Here is the box for Face Plant.
face plant with glasses
I am using this to hold my readers (which I am forever misplacing).
Face planter smiling
Face planter with raised eyebrow
Another mood.

2. Another Small Planter

This little décor fellow is an air plant holder. My little sister gifted him to me when she was visiting Vegas. I was going to put air plants inside the head and pot, but my air plants never survive. For now, I have small faux cactuses and have placed this functional fellow on some books.

little man airplant holder on books
Little person air plant holder on some books.
Air plant person close up
Here is a closer picture of the air plant holder (who is holding fake cactuses. It’s hard to see, but the little fellow has a mouth and eyes.
Air plant person side view
Another picture.

While I love the look of this little planter, it is extremely wobbly. I had to use glue dots to secure the little pot the fellow is holding and used velcro to hold him steady on my books. As you can see in the pictures, there is a small chip on the planter fellow’s head (near the rim). That happened when he fell off some books. So, if you like the look of air plant people, be warned and make sure you have something to secure both the pot and the figure from tipping.

Note: there are other air plant people for sale on Amazon. I am not sure how steady the figurines are, but I imagine (given the standing position), they are probably more secure than the sitting air plant holder.

3. Little Toast Lamp

I found this adorable light on The little toaster lamp is a popular item, so I bought two when they were in stock (I gifted one to my sister who loves the Japanese kawaii aesthetic).

A light in the shape of a piece of Toast
This happy piece of toast sits on my kitchen counter.
Toast light lit up
Little Toaster fellow provides soft light at night.

Depending on the “theme” of your kitchen, the toaster light can serve as a décor item during the day, and be a functional light at night. However, the toaster light is small, so it is best served as a task light.

4. Nesting Doll Measuring Cups

I love these nesting measuring cups! Since the pandemic forced me to cook, I am always measuring things. I store my traditional measuring cups in a kitchen drawer, but the space is tight. These measuring cups are cute enough to display on your kitchen counter but are handy when cooking. An added bonus is the saved drawer space.

Nesting dolls that are also measuring cups
The box and the measuring cups. I purchased the measuring cups from Amazon.
Nesting dolls opened up and box showing measurements
Notice all the measurements the dolls provide.

Using the head and the body of the nesting dolls, the measuring cups provide these measurements: 1/4, 2/3, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 cup. So, a pretty and functional décor and cooking product! The nesting doll measuring cups are sold on Amazon.


My passion is small-scale stuff, from Legos to small toys to miniatures to small home decor items. If you enjoy collecting and viewing miniatures and other little things, I hope this website will provide you with helpful information and useful links.

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