Lego Flower Bouquet

The Lego Flower Bouquet kit from the Botanical Collection is a unique building set. It features an interesting collection of six types of flowers and was designed by Anderson Grubb and Astrid Sundorf Christensen.

The Flower Bouquet Build:

The building kit is, in my opinion, extremely easy – so much so, I wonder why it is labeled 18+. The set only has 756 pieces. Perhaps the 18+ rating is because the Flower Bouquet is not a playable set. You build it and then display it. But, there are other non-playable Lego sets for the under-18 crowd that are more difficult builds. For instance, the Lego Ship in the Bottle (Leviathan) is not playable and is for ages 12+. I do not understand Lego’s decision-making process when it comes to setting the age range for its building sets.

Lego Leviathan ship in a bottle
Lego Ship-in-a-Bottle (Leviathan), which I completed after I built Flower Bouquet. Once built, it was purely decorative.

In any event, the build is simple and the instructions are excellent. it is also easy to correct any mistakes since you are building separate flowers, as opposed to a modular building. The building process is not boring, since each flower is a different construction. If you are new to Lego, I would recommend this building set. Unfortunately, the Lego Flower Bouquet is difficult to find. The other two Botanical Collection sets – the Bonsai Tree and Bird of Paradise – seem to be less in demand and, thus, more available.

Flowers in the Lego Set:

Lego Rose
The Rose in the Lego Flower Bouquet.

Rose – there are three roses to build in the set. Each rose has a leaf element.

California Poppy
California Poppy

Lego only has one California Poppy (the orange flower) in the bouquet.

Lego Lavender

Similarly, there is only one lavender plant (purple and gold) in the Flower Bouquet.

Snapdragon daisy and aster
The pink (light and dark) is a snapdragon, the white and yellow flowers are daisies, and the large purple flower is the aster.

Flower Bouquet also features two pink snapdragon flowers, two daisy bundles of three, and one purple aster.

close up of Flower Bouquet
Close up of Flower Bouquet

There are two other elements, including three large leaves and two bushy grassy plants.


After building the set, I displayed the flowers in a vase. It is unfortunate that Lego did not provide a vase with the set. One thing to note is that the stems of each flower set are different lengths. Since the stems are inflexible rods, the differing heights of the flowers is a plus.

While the photo below is a shot of the bouquet in a vase on my counter, I actually plan to place the bouquet in a shorter vase and display it centered on my dining table. However, right now I’m using my dining table to build the colossal Lego Creator Expert Corner Garage.

Lego flower bouquet displayed in vase
On the kitchen counter, for now…


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