Reutter Porzellan Miniatures

While looking for some Beatrix Potter miniatures for my sister (who has been a fan of her work since childhood), I discovered Reutter Porzellan Miniatures. This company offered the cutest little tea set and Easter basket in a Beatrix Potter theme. The items were high quality, which piqued my curiosity about this company. I discovered that the company has been around since the 1940s. Moreover, besides Beatrix Potter, the company offered a variety of very cute and very detailed miniatures.

Beatrix Potter miniature tea set
A Beatrix Potter tea set
The Easter set I bought for my sister
Reutter Porzellan Beatrix Potter plate set
This cute plate set trio would work well in a dollhouse, particularly a playroom

History of the Company

In reviewing the history of Reutter Porzellan, I learned that it is family-owned. It began exhibiting small versions of porcelain objects at the Nuremberg Toy Fair. Apparently, in 1951, its small-scale renditions of large objects became a hit. Over time, the company expanded its product lines beyond porcelain miniatures, to include gift items, toy tea sets, miniature wooden and resin furniture, metal miniatures, and fine cast resin accessories.

More recent offerings from Reutter Porzellan.

Where to buy Reutter Porzellan Miniatures

I bought my Beatrix Potter set from a U.K. miniature company called MinimumWorld. However, I have since discovered that there are many sites offering this company’s miniatures. In fact, you can buy the miniatures from the company’s US-based website. I have also seen these minis for sale on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and other websites.


A cute Rooster breakfast set


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