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Twelve Great Sites on How to Make Your Own Minis

I am only a DIYer when the mood strikes me or if I am too cheap to buy something that I think I can make myself. So, I haven’t written any posts on “how to make” minis because, frankly, I lack the expertise. However, I am including links to some sites where you can go if you want to make your own miniatures. Why? If you want to save money on your miniature obsession, these free guides and videos may help. I will update this list as I find more sites. Library and Museum websites It is easy to make...

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Olszewski’s Hummel & Disney Figurines

In the 1990s, as I began collecting miniatures, I learned about Robert Olszewski. He was famous for creating tiny replicas of famous pieces. But, living in the U.K., it was difficult for me to see his work. Therefore, I did not buy a lot of his pieces. As result, my Olszewski collection consists of only some Hummel and Disney figurines, and one piece from The American Frontiers Collection. Who is Robert Olszewski? Artist Robert Olszewski became interested in miniature figurines after making a dollhouse for his daughter. After leaving teaching in 1978, Olszewski pursued making miniatures full-time. Eventually, his work...

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How My Interest in Miniatures Began

I’m 60 years and my interest in miniatures and small-scale collectibles began over 50 years ago. I was around seven years old and we just moved to a rural area in Canada. Our house was a few miles from town and we only had one television station. The only shopping, restaurants, and movie theater were miles away.  When we were not in school, my four siblings and I had to find ways to entertain ourselves. I did not know it then, but boredom would lead me to my love of small things. My First Miniature Objects I recall it was...