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Dollhouse Dolls

Three Dollhouse Dolls Compared: Dollhouse dolls range from high-quality artisan pieces to mass-produced. Questions to ask yourself before buying a doll are: Who do you want to occupy your dollhouse or other display? How much money do you want to spend? How quickly do you need the doll? Is the doll the focus of the display? Do you want to play with or pose the doll? Are you comfortable buying a doll sight unseen? Below, I compare the quality of the three dolls I bought and currently own. Maria and Baby I bought this mother and newborn doll set in...

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A Brief History of Dolls

History of Dolls Before discussing dollhouse dolls, I want to briefly discuss the history of dolls. Archaeologically, dolls are humankind’s earliest toys and usually represent humans or other living creatures. As well as toys for children, various cultures also use dolls in religious, spiritual, and magical ceremonies.  Today, dolls are toys for children, as well as collectibles for adults. Ancient Times The earliest documented dolls date to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. In these ancient civilizations, dolls served as playthings and also had spiritual significance. Marriageable girls in ancient Greece and Roman dedicated their discarded dolls to goddesses.  It was...